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W/C 8th February




Apostrophes for omission (contractions) and possession

  • Link and PowerPoints below


Commas - extra information and introductory/ending phrases

Spy Fiction 

  • All explained on Seesaw.

Reading activity 

  • All explained on Seesaw



Decimals - both mental and written multiplication 

  • Most of the explanations is on your Seesaw activities for each day, no PowerPoints attached. 
  • Decimals Spinner game is also explained on Seesaw.


  • For the remainder of this term you will be choosing activities which interest for the list the Titanic Activities page.

  • Each week you should aim to complete one to two pieces of work.

  • Any help from home is more than welcome, so think who could work with you on different activities.

  • Also feel free to complete these by hand or by using ICT or other materials (this is your chance to be creative). 

  • When you have finished a piece of work, add it to the Seesaw activity called “Titanic Activities” (Click add response, and attach a photo or file.)


  • Activity and craft all explained on Seesaw!
  • Link attached below will be useful for the lesson.


- 30 Day challenge (attached below and should have a copy from last weeks packs). 

- Complete the challenge if you're having a tough day or need something to cheer you up! 



  • Watch the video on ‘True and False’.

  • Do you have any other questions about the Pandemic?

  • Optional activity – Yellow Activity (Vaccine Design)

Music - BBC Ten Pieces

  • Link and pupil sheet to follow along