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Primary 3 - Mrs Best and Mrs Savage

Welcome to Primary 3

On Monday morning we walked to the local farm shop to buy our healthy break.  This linked perfectly  to our Literacy big book 'Handa's Surprise' and our Numeracy topic of money.  We then enjoyed our delicious snack in the sunshine.  What a super way to start our week!!

What an exciting morning!

Isabel brought her baby emu to P3.

We found out that...

  • Emus lay a large dark green egg.

  • Emu chicks are striped.

  • They have a very long neck

  • Baby emus like to eat spinach

We were very quiet because the emu chick was timid.

We were allowed to stroke the beautiful chick.

Thanks to Isabel's mum, Isabel and Kate for bringing a very interesing visitor to Primary 3.

P3 visit Tayto Castle to learn about how a potato turns into a crisp.

We had a great morning.

In our Activity Based Learning lesson today we were getting ready for Mother's Day. We had to

  • Paint a picture of an animal

  • Frame it

  • Wrap it

So.....Lots of new skills were developed.

We hope that mum will love the finished product!

Primary 3 boys and girls are enjoying their 'Jack and the Beanstalk' topic. We drew our own giant/giantess and enjoyed using our imagination to write a dscription of him/her.

Mrs Best was looking for

  • Sentences that made sense

  • Capital letters and full stops in the proper places.

Primary 3 looking great in their Christmas jumpers!

Primary 3 love Activity Based learning on Thursday afternoons.

Our current activities are based on our Night Topic - and Christmas! We need to do lots of thinking! 

Something interesting.

Mrs Best found a Shaggy Ink Cap Toadstool in her garden.

The boys and girls looked at it.

It was a cone shape.

We left it overnight.

When we came to school the next day it was different. It was all floppy and it had released lots of ink.

We dipped a peacock feather in it and wrote our initials.

It worked brilliantly!!

Primary 3 enjoyed making cosy dens for their little bears.

We had great fun at our first Activity Based Learning session.

Most of our activities were based around our Bear Topic.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

One group had to make a comfortable bed for teddy. It had to:

- be the right size

- have a pillow

- have a blanket.

Here's what we came up with.


P3 are looking for signs of autumn.