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Eco Schools Committee

Congratulations to our new eco school committee members!


After some tough competition and fierce canvassing our new members were elected and held their first meeting on Monday 17th September.


We had a really positive start with a very enthusiastic new committee.


Please watch this space for new ideas and lots happening for eco schools this year.


Our aim is to 'Keep Calm and Save the World'!!






Cancer Focus N.I.

Cancer Focus talked to each class about different ways to stay healthy.  We were delighted to then give Cancer Focus NI a cheque for £225 today as part of our active week. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Our projects for this half term...


- Big Battery Hunt


Everyone has been so busy collecting old batteries for recycling. 


- Pre-loved clothes sale


Come to our clothes sale on Tuesday from 1.45 until 3.15 on Tuesday 27th Feb.

If you have any clothes to donate - please leave them into the assembly hall on Monday or Tuesday morning.


- Cash for Clobber


Cash for clobber collection is on Wednesday 28th Feb - please leave items for Cash for Clobber in the assembly hall on Wed morning.  Thank you!


See document below for letter to parents and more information



We have elected our new committee and have had 3 meetings already. 

P4 - Adam and Harry

P5 - Alfie and Maisie

P6 - Mary-Kate and Max

P7 - Lucy and Ollie

We have now had our green flag for 2 years so this year Eco Schools will come back to visit us and renew our flag.  In October we will be electing our new committee and deciding on our projects for this year.  We have already had a visitor from ABC Council to teach us about litter so this will be one of our main projects this year.


If you have any ideas make sure you put them in our suggestions box in school.

Eco Schools have presented us our certificate which confirms the award of our Green Flag.

Moyallon Awarded Green Flag

There was great excitement at when we were visited by the assessor from Eco-Schools. Over the last number of years we have worked our way through the Bronze and Silver Awards and have been working towards our Green Flag.

The assessor visited us at school and spent the morning with Mrs Orr, our Eco-School co-ordinator, and our Eco committee. He asked them about the work which had been completed in school over the last year. He heard about our Junk Art Day, our switch-off weeks, the work of our gardening club and our drive to ensure that waste is placed in the correct bins meaning that we are recycling well over 70% of the waste we generate in school. Having reviewed the work carried out the assessor was delighted to award us our Green Flag.

Mrs Orr said, “Everyone throughout the school has worked hard over the last few years on our Eco projects. We were a little nervous on the day of the assessment but I was very proud of the Eco committee who presented the work which we have completed in such a professional way. We are delighted to be awarded our flag and we will fly it with pride outside school. We now have to ensure that the work carried out continues to be built upon”

“I am delighted with the award of our Green Flag. I am very proud of the work done in school by all of our pupils, the staff who took on all of the projects, the gardening club, the Eco committee and Mrs Orr who guided us so well throughout the whole process," said Mr Priestley

Flying our Eco Green Flag for the first time

 Congratulations to everyone - we have been awarded our Green Flag. More information and photographs to follow.

Eco Schools 2014/15


Welcome to our Eco Schools page.


This year we hope to get a green flag.


Keep an eye on this page for more updates throughout the year.


Moyallon's Eco Code:








We are an Eco School.  We are working hard, trying to make Moyallon a more environmentally friendly school.  We got our bronze award last year and this year our hard work earned us the silver award.  The next stage is the Green Flag which we hope to get this year.


Our committee meet together every other week to plan activities and ideas to make the children and staff of Moyallon more aware of environmental activities.  The committee have come up with lots of good ideas this year and you can see some of them below.


If you have any ideas of activities for next year, make sure you speak to one of our committee members, put your idea in our suggestions box or talk to Mrs Orr.


If you would like to learn more about the Eco Schools scheme there is lots more information here on the Eco Schools NI website.


Our three main topics for this year are;


- biodiversity - a new club will be starting to look after our planters and make our school are more welcoming place for wildlife


- Waste - we are taking part in waste week this year to try to decrease the amount of food wasted in school


- Energy - we are going to try to reduce the amount of electricity we use by making sure lights and computers are switched off when not in use.  

Eco Committee 2014-2015

Our Daffodils

Our Eco Committee Elected from Primary 3 - 7 (2013-2014)

Class Switch-off Fortnight Monitors (2013-2014)

Poster Competition

Our Eco-Committee organised a poster competition on the theme of not wasting our Healthy Break.

The committee judged the entries and here are our very talented winners.


W5 come to Moyallon