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Primary 4

Welcome to Primary 4

P4 visited Armagh Planetarium, a trip that links in with our topic of Space. We enjoyed the amazing theatre and learning about the planets as we watched My Perfect Planet. We built our own rockets and then got to launch them - one disappeared completely so we think it must be on it's way to the moon.

Before we travelled home we visited the shop and purchased space-themed gifts. Mrs Weir said we were amazing, well-behaved budding astronauts.

P4 have been learning about Capacity and Volume. We rotated around 6 different activiies.Here we are completing our tasks! Well done P4 for all your super work learning about Capacity and Volume. At the end of the lesson we certainly needed a well-earned cup of orange juice - which of course we measured out!

P4 enjoyed a fun Easter egg hunt!

P4 all enjoyed their World War 2 Day.

Please take a little look at us all dressed up. Thank you Mums and Dads for all the lovely costumes complete with labels, gas masks and other little pieces.

Here are just some of the World War 2 activities we have enjoyed in class. Making Anderson shelters and testing them, WW2 scavenger hunt and creating a little WW2 light box. Thank you for all the fantastic artefacts which have helped the topic come alive to the children.

P4 enjoyed a measuring day!

We worked in groups to complete 5 different tasks on measuring.

  • We are learning to measure different items using a ruler.
  • We are learning to estimate what length we think an item.
  • We are learning to work together and solve length challenges!

Task 1 - We measured different sorts of strings and ribbons. We made a chart with our results.

 Task 2 - We measured carefully the sides of different shapes.

 Task 3 - We looked at different items in our classroom and estimated what length we thought they were.

 Task 4 - We used tape measures to measure different parts of our bodies.

  Task 5 - We played a computer game which helped us measure accuratley.

 We all worked really well in our groups and learned lots of new measuring skills! Well done P4! You are fantastic at measuring!



P4 brought in different items for Show and Tell. They prepared a little talk and presented it to the class. We really enjoyed listening to all our classmates talks. Well done P4.

We made special pink hearts to give to a person we love on Valentine's Day.

P4 have been working very hard learning all the different rules for making singular words into plural words. Here we are playing games and completing activities to help us. We worked really well in our groups and had great fun learning too!

Last Tuesday P4 travelled to the Palace Stables for a World War 2 themed day. We met an Evacuation Officer who explained about rations and being evacuated. We also visited an Anderson Shelter and made identity cards and evacuaton labels. We cracked a secret code wih an American G.I soldier and practised marching and handling a rifle. We really enjoyed our trip and learnt so much about what life was like during the war. 

Primary 4 really enjoyed taking part in this years production of Jack and the Beanstalk. You all looked fantastic and played your parts really well!

P4 enjoyed wearing their jolly jazzy jumpers for our Christmas Jumper Day. Can you recognise your own child in their Christmas disguise?

Mrs Moneypenny made her own bread. P4 decided to try and make their own wheaten bread. We followed the recipe carefully and everyone had a little job to do! We really enjoyed eating the warm, baked delicious bread. Well done P4 - You are all star bakers!

P4 enjoyed a wonderful trip to Moneypenny's Lock. On the way we spotted and named trees and berries. We visited the Bothy, the house and the Blacksmith's workshop. We learned about the Moneypenny family and how they lived and worked. The weather was lovely and we even had time to eat, play and explore the beautiful surroundings at Moneypenny's Lock. A big thank you to the museum services and the parents for helping with our transport. 

P4 had great fun celebrating Roald Dahl Day. Please scroll down and have a little look at what we got up to!

We had great fun choosing our summer themed props for a special photo. Can you recognise your own child in their summer disguise?