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Practical Numeracy fun!


On our first week back after remote learning P7 spent the week learning about angles, with some fun indoor and outdoor activities! Who knew writing on your school desk could be so educational! 😁

Triangular Christmas Skittle fun! 

Before getting off for Christmas P7 enjoyed using skittles to show the triangular number pattern. We even got eat them at the end 👏😆

Shape madness! 

Fantastic mornings fun working with various shapes to create amazing puzzles and pictures, with our 7 piece Tangrams! 👏😃



We have loved working with the IZAK9 cubes which we borrowed from Windsor Hill Primary School in Newry. They have allowed us to put our numeracy into practice in a fun and collaborative way. 😊

Fantastic Fractions! 

P7 enjoyed a carousel of fraction activities! We had iPads, follow me games and much, much more all on the go!