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Primary 2 – Mrs. Belch

Welcome to Primary Two

Our topic for this term is minibeasts. We have set up a bug laboratory where we can find out more about these tiny creatures. Please scroll down to see what we have been doing.

Primary 2 had a great day at their Ugly Bug Ball.

3D Bug Competition

Well done to all of Primary 2 for their wonderful entries into our 3D Bug Competition. Every single one of them was fantastic.

They were put on display in the hall for everyone to enjoy and P5, P6 and P7 all had a chance to vote for their favourite.

Everyone received a certificate and a small prize for their hard work and there was a bucket and spade set for the winner.

Enjoying some activity based playtime.

Bee Week

We had a visit from a paramedic.

Caterpillar and Butterfly Week

Primary 2 had a wonderful time at Loughgall Country Park.

Snail and Slug Week

Worm Week.


We went on a bug hunt around the playground.

Our topic for this term is 'Mouths'. We will be learning about how important our mouths are for talking, eating and showing emotion and how to look after our teeth. We have set up a Dental Surgery in our imaginary play corner. Please scroll down to see what we have been up to.

We have been learning how to tell the time to the hour and half past.

We had great fun playing in the snow.

We did a taste test. We tasted Granny Smith apples and Red Gala apples.

We described the Granny Smith apples as bitter and sour.

We described the Red Gala apples as sweet.

We are learning how important it is to brush our teeth properly and what foods are good and bad for our teeth.

Our Egg Experiment

We put the eggs into different drinks to see the impact that these might have on our teeth.

We are waiting patiently for the results.

The Results...

The egg in water stayed the same.

The egg in the coffee stained dark brown.

The egg in the juice decayed.

The egg in the coke stained brown and had a sugary coating over it.


What we learned....

The best drink for our teeth is water.

Too much coffee, coke and juice is not good for our teeth.



We are really enjoying all the topic based play stations.

Valentine's Day Craft

We enjoyed all the Pancake themed numeracy activities that Miss Roberts prepared for us. After working really hard at our sums we enjoyed some yummy pancakes with delicious toppings. 

Our topic for this term is Pets. We have set up a Veterinary Surgery in the imaginary play area. We will also be learning about money. Please scroll down to see what we have been doing.

We had a visit from a vet.

We read Cats, Cats, Cats by Joy Cowley. We painted our own cats and wrote a sentence on the computer.

We had to count out the right money to buy a treat from the vending machine. We used 1ps and 2ps to find totals up to 10p. 

We are enjoying the animal hospital in the small world corner.

We have been practising spending money in the shop.

Our topics for this term are Opposites and Christmas. Have a look at all the fun things we have been getting up to.

Primary 2 visited the Palace Stables to learn about Christmas through the ages. We met a cook who told us what Christmas was like over 200 years ago and an American soldier who talked about Christmas during the war. We got to visit Santa and make a Christmas decoration.

Making Reindeer

We are learning about young and old. Mrs Belch read us the story "Granny's Quilt". We made our own patchwork quilt.

We cut out snowflakes and painted over them with blue paint. Just like us, no two were the same.

Primary 2 did a great job decorating our Christmas tree.

Santa's Workshop

Primary 2 have been very busy in our Sorting Station.

As well as our Santa Workshop and Sorting Station, Primary 2 have been enjoying lots of other Opposite themed play stations including our Town and Country areas, our Tortoise and the Hare and Three Little Pigs playdough areas and The Opposites Game.

Autumn fun

Our topic for this term is Water. We will be learning about water animals, uses of water in the home, water safety and the water cycle. Have a look at all the fun things we have been doing.

We were learning about the different states of water. We learnt about water as a liquid, solid, and gas.

After all the hard work we enjoyed some nice, cold ice pops.


We are using water to clean the house.

We are playing Subtraction Smash.

We did bubble painting.

We played the Umbrella Game.

We played in pairs.

The umbrellas had numbers 1-5 on them.

Whatever number we rolled on the dice was the number we had to colour in.

The first person to have their umbrella coloured in was the winner.

We enjoy Spanish with Patricia on Friday mornings.

Mrs Belch read us the Tickly Octopus. We made our own Tickly Octopuses out of paper plates and bubble wrap.

Pirate Day

We made treasure maps.

We dipped them in coffee to make them look real.

We made treasure chests out of egg cartons.

We are learning different ways to make 4.

We played a maths fishing game. We had to try and catch two fish and add the numbers that were written on them.

We have been enjoying all the activity based play areas.