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Primary 7

In P6 and P7 we listened to a talk about how to conserve energy. We thought about different ways that energy is made and how we can make sure that we don't waste energy around the house and school. We also learnt about different types of energy and the reasons why it is important to save energy.

Energy Conservation Talk


On a Monday, we have been really enjoying the interactive sessions which Jeanie has been doing in the area of PDMU. We were learning about alcohol and the impact that it can on us. Jeanie brought goggles with her and we took it in turns to try to move through the cones, it was very difficult! These goggles helped us to see the impact that drinking too much alcohol can have on us.


We have been doing work on fractions in P7. To begin our topic we recapped on some of the work we had previously completed with fractions. Each group were able to take part in a carousel activity and move around to complete each activity.

Ulster Orchestra Workshop

In music, we have been looking at the BBC programme 'Ten Pieces.' We were able to take part in a workshop with Johnathan from the Ulster Orchestra, who taught us how to express our feelings through music. We were also able to use our own instruments to create a piece of music based on 'The Moyallon Monster' which we created ourselves.

Our Special Memories

In P7, we have been learning how to write an autobiography. To help us with this, we each brought in an object which holds a special memory to us. You can see some of our objects below.

Titanic Science Experiment 


We have been learning about the Titanic. We decided to test the objects in the class that would float or sink. We used a marble, a paper clip, a piece of blue tac, a wooden stick, a sponge and a piece of paper. We made a prediction and then carried out the experiment. Look below to see what we found. 


Lettering Club


On Monday we started our new club, ‘Lettering Club.’ This is where we learn new ways to write and apply our artistic skills to this. We had buns and juice and practiced writing our names and the alphabet. You can see us in action below. 

Easter Fun!


Before the Easter break we had lots of fun. We made our very own Easter buns and went for an Easter egg hunt because you’re never too old to enjoy some chocolates!

Crossfire: Not Ashamed


We had a visit from Gareth and Lindsay from CEF. They brought lots of TVs and Xboxes to school and we were able to play lots of different games. They told us about the importance of being safe online and how we should remember to be kind to those around us. It was a really fun morning and we were able to learn that we need to be aware of the dangers of online gaming as well as experiencing how fun gaming can be. 

Swimming Gala

Well done to all of the children who represented the school at the swimming gala! You were all excellent!