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Primary 1 – Miss Hunter and Mrs Bleakney

Welcome to Primary One

It was fun making sunflowers out of clay.

We are enjoying our outdoor play area.

We took assembly and told the story of how Moses led God's people across the Red Sea.

We had a Toys' Party. It was fun playing games with our toys.

We  brought in old toys to show to our class.

Our Trip to The Argory

The ride on the bus was great fun!

We enjoyed playing with toys from the olden days.

We dressed up and then made calling cards so that we could visit Mrs Bond.

We looked really well in our 'olden days' clothes.

We enjoyed going into some of the rooms in Tommy's house. It was fun  playing with his toys.

The play park was brilliant fun!

The weather was so good that we decided to eat our lunch outside.

Here we are, back on the bus, tired but happy after a great day out.


Our current topic is toys. Each one of us brought in a favourite toy to show to the class. We told our friends where we got it, what materials it was made from and what it could do. It was interesting to find out that most of our toys were made in China.

It was fun painting pictures of our toys. We looked at them very carefully and chose the right colours.

Happy Easter!

We enjoyed our Easter egg hunt.

It was fun making chocolate nests.

Here we are, ready to go home and enjoy our Easter holidays!

We are learning about how we have grown and how many things we can do now that we could not do when we were babies.

We made Mother's Day cards

We went for a walk to look for signs of spring. It was exciting to find out that the bulbs we had planted in autumn had grown into beautiful daffodils and hyacinths. 

We enjoyed painting pictures of daffodils.

We are learning about ourselves. 

A nurse came to visit us. She told us about her job. Now we will know how to look after our patients properly when we play in our hospital area.

We are enjoying role play in our Hospital Area

It is fun being the receptionist

Our school had a special Bird Watching Day. It was great fun seeing how many different kinds of birds we could spot.

Our hyacinth has started to grow at last!

Unfortunately, plants don't live forever!

We are learning about Winter. We painted a picture of ourselves dressed in warm clothes.

We used a repeating pattern to make our scarves.

We used sponge prints to make our hats.

We went for a Winter walk to look at the trees.

We found an evergreen tree.

We enjoyed painting our snowmen.

We worked together to make a big snowman for our class display.

We are learning to find the title and the author's name on a book. We designed our own front covers for one of our favourite stories.

This year our Christmas play was called Straw and Order.

Our school trip to W5 was brilliant!

The ride on the Winterland Express was such fun!

Coming home - tired but happy!

We are very pleased with the Christmas cards that we made.

We wore our Christmas jumpers on 'Christmas Dinner Day.'

We enjoyed painting pictures of Santa.

Our school postman came to visit us. He told us about his job.

We went outside to look at his van.

We set up our own Post Office. It is fun playing in it.

We enjoyed making these cards at the drawing and writing area during play time. We bought our stamps and envelopes at the Post Office. Now we are going to post them,
We are learning to sort and name coins so that we will know how much money we need to buy stamps and envelopes.

We are learning about first and second class stamps.

 Nursery Rhymes.

Humpty Dumpty is one of our favourite rhymes. We enjoyed building walls and watching him fall off!

We used play dough to make our own Humpty Dumpty.

We made Humpty Dumpty out of a hen's egg. It was fun finding out how high our wall needed to be before he broke.
We looked at different types of eggs and decided that Humpty Dumpty was probably an ostrich egg!

We enjoyed making Humpty Dumpty at our Art and Design area.

 Life in the olden days.

Our study of Nursery Rhymes helped us to find out about life in the olden days.

Polly's kettle was very different to ours.

It was fun exploring this old glass butter churn.

We made our own butter by mixing cream.

It tasted great on pancakes!

We compared our electric lights to candlelight.

 Hickory Dickory Dock.

Incy Wincy Spider

It was fun looking for waterspouts around our playground!

We made Incy Wincy Spider from play dough.

We enjoyed acting out Little Miss Muffet in our role play area.

We had a special Nursery Rhyme day. We dressed up and acted out our favourite Nursery Rhymes.
We are learning about Autumn. It was fun going for a walk and finding lots of interesting things.