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Primary 6

Welcome to Primary 6!


Keep an eye on our class page for links to websites that may be useful to you as we go through the year and also for photos of things we have done.

The P7 Apprentice

We have thoroughly enjoyed buying (and bargaining 😃) from the wide selection of treats on offer at this year’s Apprentice stalls. We may have a few sore tummies later 🤪.

Active Week

Day 1 - active morning, dance, mile a day, drop everything and dance, classroom orienteering.

Book Creators!

Back-to-school after a busy week away. The P6s were very excited to use the new school iPads to create an e-book about their week, whether in a Manchester or in school.


Ready to set sail?

P6/7 tested out their construction skills by making boats out of kitchen foil, then testing them to see how seaworthy they were. Once in the water we placed pennies in the to see how many each boat would hold before it started to sink. Needless to say some needed quite a bit of improvement!

Numeracy in Art

P6 were looking at some examples of numeracy that is found in famous artwork and everyday life. We learned about tessellation, and how MC Escher’s used tessellation in his paintings, before we tried our own patterns using shapes as a stamp.

Easter Art! 🐣

We looked closely at a Creme Egg. We drew and painted the egg. Then we took off the wrapper and took a bite. We drew and painted what it now looked like. Most were gobbled up before we went home! Happy Easter!

Rubbish Monsters!

We finished off our topic on materials by making Rubbish Monsters from the rubbish we normally throw away. Lots of creative ideas on how to use rubbish we’re shown. A great way to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. ♻️ 

We love the new layout in the computer area! Today we continued our work in numeracy on lines and shapes by learning how to draw them, how to use the ‘shift’ key to draw regular shapes, and how to format them by changing the colour and thickness of the lines and filling the shapes with different colours, textures and gradients.

Class trip to Frankie and Benny’s in Lisburn

To finish our topic on food we went on a trip to learn about how pizza is made and the types of foods that are used.  We loved getting our own chef’s hat and apron. We each made a pizza with our choice of toppings and shaped a breadstick. Once they came out of the oven, we enjoyed our efforts. The manager, Elaine, complemented us all on our behaviour, helpfulness and manners! A lovely end to a fabulous morning 👍😁🍕

A sad farewell

Today P6, along with all of Moyallon, said a sad farewell to Lewis and his brother Adam, who are both moving to England. We found some time to take one last class photo, and we wish Lewis all the best in his new school!

Primary 6 became reading buddies for Primary 3 today to celebrate ‘World Book Day’

We just had to have pancakes on Pancake Day, though we were a bit generous with the toppings!

An unusual (yet adorable) visitor

Sporting success for the McCracken's!

STEM: A Marshmallow Tower challenge

VIking Art: Painting our Viking shields and brooches!

Art: P6 pupils creating autumnal pictures using leaves



The Vikings

Living Things

World Around Us