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Primary 2 - Mrs. Belch

Welcome to Primary 2


Everyone had great fun at our Ugly Bug Ball. We put on a special assembly for our mummies and daddies, decorated our own table cloth and had lots of yummy food!

Everyone did a great job making a 3d bug for our contest. Mr and Mrs Priestley came to be the judges and they were very impressed with the amount of effort everyone put in!!

We visited Loughall Country Park as part of our minibeast topic. We learned lots of things about minibeasts before going into the forest for a minibeast hunt. We all had a great day and thankfully the weather stayed dry!

We had a closer look at worms before putting them into our homemade wormery.

On "Spider Week" we made webs with glitter and spiders to put in them.

Our topic for this term is "Minibeasts". Here we are having snail races and finding out some interesting facts about snails.

Hunting for minibeasts.

We made yummy Easter buns with Miss Russell.

We visited Tesco Portadown to learn about where our food comes from. We had the chance to taste different kinds of melon and cheese before visiting the fish counter where we got to hold the fish. We went on a hunt to find different foods the colour of the rainbow and got to have a tour around the stores of Tesco including the fridge and freezer. Brrrr! Before we came home we visited the bakery where we got to put sugar on a donut to bring home. Yum!

Mrs Jackson came to talk to us about looking after our teeth.

Miss Russell did an experiment with us to find out what would happen to the shells of eggs when left to soak in different types of drinks. This was to give us an idea of the effect these drinks could have on our teeth. We made predictions and wrote them down.

Can you guess who these beautiful smiles belong to?

As part of our topic on "Mouths and Looking After Our Teeth" we have set up a dental practice in our pretend play area.

We have really enjoyed the "Pets" topic this term. We have learned about lots of different pets and how to look after them. Some of us brought in our own pets for show and tell. We had everything from sheep, to dogs, cats, hamsters and even a pony!

Its hard work looking after all these animals in the Primary 2 Vets!

Primary 2 Certificates

Primary 2 work hard each week to learn their Spellings and Number Facts then at the end of the week they do their Friday Test. If you get all of your Friday Test correct you get a sticker from Mr Priestley, collect 4 stickers and you get a certificate.


Certificate Winner 1st May


Certificate Winner 24th April



Certificate winner 13th March


Certificate winner 6th March


Certificate Winner 27th February

        Certificate winner 27th February


Certificate Winners 13th February


Certificate Winners 6th February


The photograph below shows five pupils who received their certificates on Friday 30th January. Primary 2 have only being doing their Friday Tests from the start of January, so this means that these five pupils have made no mistakes at all in their Friday Tests for the whole of the month! Fantastic work!




We went to the Palace Stables to learn about Christmas through the ages. We met an American soldier, a cook and made a reindeer card. Before we came home we got to visit Santa and have a play in the park.

We had great fun at our Christmas Party

Primary 2 have been very busy in Santa's Workshop wrapping presents, writing Christmas cards and making Christmas crackers!

We had great fun pulling crackers with our friends after doing a Christmas cracker sequencing activity.

We talked about bullying and what to do if you feel as if you are being bullied. We also talked about how we can be nice to eachother and helpful.

Mrs Belch read us a poem called "Snowgirls". Then we painted and decorated our own snowgirls.

We are very talented in Primary 2

As part of our "Water" Topic we made water animal snow globes. We also made little ice cube boats.

We were learning about the water cycle and did an experiment to show how water goes back up into the clouds from the ground.

We came to school dressed as Pirates for "International Speak like a Pirate Day". We put on a special assembly for our parents and after had a party with lots of yummy food.