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Primary 4 - Mrs. Bleakney and Mrs. Weir

P4 prepared and presented super talks about something they were interested in. Please scroll down and see what they talked about.

Last Thursday we visited Armagh Planetarium. We enjoyed a fantastic fun-filled trip. The sun shone and as we launched our rockets we were glad of the water splash to cool us down. We learned some new exciting facts about Space. Before we travelled home we visited the shop and purchased space-themed gifts! Mrs Weir said we were just amazing, well-behaved, budding astronauts!

We have been learning about Flat Stanley and all his fantastic adventures. We worked in pairs and thought about a place in school we could take a picture of our Flat Stanley. We set up the picture, posed and used the camera to take each others picture! Scroll down and see where our Flat Stanleys ended up!

Scroll down and see how we made delicious pizzas to practise our fractions. We learned how to cut our pizzas into halves and quarters. A big thank you to Linda for baking our pizzas and helping with the washing up!

P4 had great fun learning how to use our fantastic parachute.

On her next visit, Heather used our parachute skills and we worked in groups to make up a dance using our lovely colourful parachutes.

P4 have been learning about propaganda and how posters were used during World War 2. They looked at War Time posters and their famous slogans such as "Dig for Victory", "Make do and Mend" and "Tittle Tattle Lost the Battle". We learned that posters communicate and persuade the public to believe their message. Please look at our posters and read our clever slogans. Well done P4, your posters are just brilliant. 

Happy Mother's Day from P4. We hope you liked your surprise handbag!

P4 made flying, camouflaged parachutes. Please have a look at our before and after photos. We had great fun flying them in the hall! Thankfully all the soldiers made it safely to ground! 

On Pancake Tuesday P4 designed fabulous, fruity, fun faces on their pancakes. Please have a little look at their finished pieces. They were nearly too good to eat! Well done Primary 4.

P4 pupils have been sharing exciting artefacts and stories about their family members during World War 2. Thank you for allowing us to see these precious items and hear about their experiences. It certainly has brought our topic to life!

P4 have been working very hard learning all the rules for making singular words plural words. Here we are having fun completing practical activities all about plurals.

Last Thursday Primary 4 travelled to the Palace Stables for a World War 2 themed day. We were transported back to 1943.

We met an Evacuation officer called Mr Smith who explained about rations and being evacuated. He also showed us where to shelter from the bombs. We cracked a code with an American Soldier and also practised marching and handling a rifle. We made identity cards and evacuation labels. We really enjoyed our trip and have greatly added to our knowledge and understanding of what it was like to live during the war years.

Thank you so much to all the staff at the Palace Stables for a super trip!

P4 have completed their topic on Cold Places. We enjoyed learning all about life in the Arctic for the Polar Bear and other Arctic animals. We became real authors and made our own non-fiction books. We designed our front covers, included a contents page and even wrote our own blurbs! We had great fun designing ice-floes. Please have a look at our finished creations. We would like to thank Sandra for hoovering up the remains of the Arctic in our classroom. Lots of polystyrene goes everywhere.

We finished our topic by performing for our school assembly. We sang songs, 'I am a Polar Bear' and 'The Polar Bear lives in Alaska'. We said a rhyme called 5 Little Polar Bears and played a 'Who am I?' quiz. Take a look at our pictures and see if you can guess who is behind the different masks. P4 you were a perfect, performing Polar class. Mrs Weir was a very proud teacher. Now World War 2 topic will begin in P4. Look out for more exciting photos and news from Primary 4.

P4 dressed up in jolly, jazzy jumpers for our Christmas Jumper Day! 

P4 performed a very important scene in our school pantomime - Cinderella. Here we are getting ready and practising our mouse and rat poses!

P4 followed instructions to make these delicious Melting Snowmen biscuits. We really enjoyed eating our finished biscuits.

Mrs Moneypenny made her own bread. P4 decided to try and make their own wheaten bread. We followed the recipe carefully and everyone had a little job to do! We really enjoyed eating the warm, baked, delicious bread!

We thought about these questions during our work.

  1. What do we know about making bread?

  2. What would we like to know?

  3. What have we learned that we didn't know before?


Well done P4 - You are all star bakers!

P4 enjoyed a wonderful trip down to Moneypenny's Lock. We spotted lots of trees and berries. Mr Priestley was very impressed we could name so many of them. We visited the Bothy, the house and the Blacksmith's workshop. The weather was lovely and we even had time to eat, play and explore the beautiful surroundings at Moneypenny's Lock!

We have all started Primary 4!