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Primary 1


We began our topic on toys by exploring Matsy Mouse's favourite toy.

We brought in one of our favourite toys. It was fun talking about it and showing our friends how it worked.
      We enjoyed painting a picture of our favourite toy.

          Our Trip to the Argory


              The ride on the bus is always exciting.
We made calling cards so that we could visit Mrs Bond in her beautiful big house.
            Tommy had lots of toys in his bedroom.
Guess what - we were allowed to play the piano in Mrs Bond's living  room.
       We look really well in our aprons and caps!
     We look really well in our waistcoats and caps!
       Here we are with Lady Elizabeth and Tommy.
          It was great fun playing with Tommy's toys.
The weather was so good we were able to have a picnic.
We ended our trip with a visit to the fantastic play park.
               We ended our topic with a toys' party!
                      We love our soft toys!
                      We enjoyed our ice lollies!
We enjoyed making these lovely clay sunflowers.
We looked at a painting of sunflowers by a famous artist called Van Gogh before making our own pictures.


It was great fun making chocolate nests.

               Our Easter Egg hunt was great fun!
                              Happy Easter!


We are learning about ourselves. We are very pleased with our self-portraits.

We are learning about how much we have grown. It was fun having a mummy bring her baby in to visit us.
Our school nurses came to our class for a visit. They told us about their job and showed us how to put on a bandage. We also got to use a stethoscope.
Our role play area is now a hospital. It is fun pretending to be a nurse, doctor, patient or receptionist.
We went for a walk to look for signs of spring. It was exciting to see how well our daffodils and hyacinth plant have grown. 

                              World Book Day

We asked the children in P.7 to read us one of our favourite stories. It was great fun.

We made these lovely snowmen at our making area.

We are very pleased with the lovely Valentine cards that we made.

Our hyacinth is now fully grown. We are very happy!

Our Winter walk was good fun. We looked at the trees to see if they had any leaves.
Guess what - we found an evergreen tree!
We designed our own front covers for one of our favourite books called Jimmy's Snowy Book.

Number games are great fun!

We are really pleased that our hyacinth is growing so well.

At the end of January, Primary 1 went on an exciting trip to Quality Time in Banbridge. The theme was "Space" and the children enjoyed playing with all the many educational toys and  learned a lot about this topic. The boys and girls got to dress up as astronauts and play in an amazing space den. They loved putting on scientists' coats and examining different rocks. The children experimented with magnets and forces and developed imaginative play skills with rockets and space shuttles. The highlight of the trip (apart from the wonderful snack time of fruit, pancakes, cheese and crackers) was painting and printing with magical space paint - which GLOWED IN THE DARK!

Christmas is coming!

It was fun decorating our Christmas tree.

We had a Christmas party with P2 - it was great fun!

Welcome to our school play - 'Strictly the Nativity'

Meet Mary and Joseph

What a happy group of shepherds!

Have you ever seen cuter looking sheep?

Our angels are so pretty!

Our trip to W5

The ride on the bus was great although we thought we'd never get there!

Climbit was brilliant - we could climb as high as we wanted to and it was perfectly safe!

The big play area was such fun!

We heard the story of the Nutcracker

We all got a ride on the Winter land Express

Look what we saw!

Guess what - we saw Santa too!

Here we are on our way home - can you work out who is really sleeping and who is pretending???

We are very pleased with our Christmas cards

Don't we look great in our lovely Christmas jumpers!

Our school postman came to visit us. He told us about his job.
We went outside to have a look at his van.
Our role play area is the Post Office. It is fun being the postman or postlady.

It is fun visiting the Post Office.

We are wrapping up the lovely things that we made at the making area.
Here we are in the queue at the Post Office so that we can get our parcels weighed.
We are learning about how to send a letter. Here we are sorting out 1st and 2nd class stamps.

We are enjoying our making area - look at our lovely models!


It was fun going for a walk to look for signs of autumn. We found chestnuts and acorns. We also noticed that the leaves are changing colour and falling off the trees.

Mrs Dowey helped us to plant our daffodil bulbs.
We put a hyacinth bulb in a glass jar so that we can watch it grow.
Look how much it has grown after a few weeks!
We used sponge prints to make the leaves on our colourful autumn trees.

Our Special Nursery Rhyme Day

We dressed up and acted out our favourite Nursery Rhymes for our Mummies and Daddies.

We played a game called 'Find Little Bo-Peep's Sheep.'
We learnt how people made their own butter in the olden days.
It was fun mixing cream to make our own butter.
It tasted great on pancakes.

Nursery Rhymes

Humpty Dumpty is one of our favourite rhymes. We looked at different eggs and we think he was an ostrich egg!

We made walls for Humpty to sit on. It was fun saying the rhyme and watching him fall off!
We made our own Humpty Dumpty out of play dough.
It was fun playing Humpty Dumpty with a real egg. We promised not to smash mummy's eggs at home!