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Primary 7

Welcome to Primary 7

Mrs Best invited us to the P3 classroom to see all of the amazing homes that the children had made for their bears. We really enjoyed being able to chat to them about their creations. 

Presentation of Cheque to Tiny Life


Hillsborough Castle Visit

We went to Hillsborough Castle to learn more about what it was like to be a servant during the Victorian times. 

PDMU with Jeanie

We really enjoyed the visits that we had from Jeanie for PDMU. We learnt so many important things about how we look after ourselves and we especially enjoyed the crazy dance that we got to do every Monday!

Childhood Memories

When we started to think about ourselves, for writing our autobiographies, we brought in a memory from our childhood. Everyone brought in a great range of things, from a paddle to a tiny pair of shoes, we had it all!

Active Learning in Numeracy

When beginning our topic of fractions, we completed a carousel with lots of fun activities in groups. You can see them above.