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Primary 1 – Miss Hunter and Mrs Bleakney

Welcome to Primary One


Our last day in Primary One!

Making clay sunflowers was great fun!

We had a toys' party to celebrate the end of our toy topic.

We brought in these old toys to show to our friends.

Genevieve the Goat came to visit us. She told us how to keep healthy.

Having fun in our outdoor play area

Our  visit  to  the  Argory

Off on another trip!

We learnt that children wrote on slates in the olden days.
We had to make calling cards so that we could visit Mrs Bond in her big house.
This is Tommy's bedroom. There were some very interesting things in it!
This is how boys and girls would have dressed long ago.

It was fun playing with Tommy's toys.

The play park was great fun.

Heading back to school - tired but happy after a great day out!

Our Visit to Armagh Museum

We are learning about toys. We went to the museum to find out about old toys. The ride in the bus is always good fun!

Here we are outside the museum.

Sarah showed us lots of toys - we compared new toys with old toys.
We put these teddy bears in order from the oldest to the youngest.

It was fun playing with the old toys.

We made a toy all by ourselves - it was great fun!
Here we are back at school with the toys that we made.

A visit from a mummy and her baby

One of our mummies came for a visit. She brought her baby so that we could find out what babies can or cannot do. We are going to bring in baby photographs in order to see how we have changed.
 We went for a walk in order to find out what happens in the springtime.
These are our daffodils. We planted the bulbs a long time ago.

It was fun painting daffodils.

Happy Easter!

We designed our own Easter masks and baskets.


It was fun taking part in an Easter egg hunt.

Today we were learning that some materials can be changed by heating them. We melted chocolate to make rice krispie nests.

Guess what!  An emu chick came to visit us!

We enjoyed making Mother's Day cards for our mummies.
Our topic for the next number of weeks is 'Ourselves.' These are our self-portraits.

A nurse came to visit us. She told us about her job.

Our role play area is a hospital. We are learning how to be doctors and nurses.

We are learning how to be a receptionist.

We are learning to use our eyes to look at things carefully. We used mirrors when we were drawing our faces.
We are learning about our hands. We used our handprints to make these lovely rainbow fish.
We make lots of interesting models at our making area.

P1 have been learning about China and had great fun learning about Chinese New Year. They enjoyed dressing up and made beautiful red and gold lanterns.

We went for a walk to find out what the trees look like in winter.

It was fun playing in the snow.

We enjoyed making our snowmen from recyclable materials.

It was fun making snowmen out of play dough.

We designed our own front covers for

Jimmy's Snowy Book.  We are learning to name the different parts of a book.

Our trip to W5

The ride on the bus was great fun

There was so much to do and learn in the large play area.
We heard a story called The Polar Express and then we met Santa. He talked to us and gave us a toy.
The ride on the Winter Land Express train was great fun.
Here we are on our way home, tired but happy after a great day out.

Christmas is coming!

 It was fun putting up our Christmas tree.

This year we performed "Christmas Counts" at our Carol Service.

We look really well in our Christmas jumpers.

It was fun painting Santa.

We enjoyed making Santa and his sleigh at our building area.

Rudolph is our favourite reindeer.

We enjoyed making these lovely Christmas cards.

Our Christmas party was great fun

Our school postman came to visit us. He told us about his job.

We went outside to look at the postman's van.

Our role play area is a Post Office.

We are learning about stamps. We sorted these stamps into 1st and 2nd class.

Water Science Day

As part of our Maths and Science curriculum, P1 had a Wonderful Science Day.

We designed and built boats and then took them out and tested them in our big paddling pool.

That was the best bit!

We were so excited to discover if they would float or sink!

We then tested our boats by putting blocks in them to see which one could carry the heaviest cargo.

Robbie's boat was the strongest and was able to carry 8 blocks.

Nursery Rhymes

Humpty Dumpty is one of our favourite rhymes. We enjoyed making walls and watching him fall off!

We looked at different types of eggs.

We decided that Humpty Dumpty was probably an ostrich egg.
We made Humpty Dumpty out of a hen's egg. It was fun finding out how high our wall needed to be before he broke.
We used play dough to make our own Humpty Dumpty.
It was fun making Humpty Dumpty at our Art and Design area.

Hickory Dickory Dock

We enjoyed acting out Hickory Dickory Dock.

We are very pleased with our pictures.

It was fun acting out Incy Wincy Spider at our water play areas.
We enjoyed painting pictures of Incy Wincy Spider.

We acted out Little Miss Muffet in our role play area.

Life in the Olden Days

Our study of Nursery Rhymes helped us to find out about life in the past. Polly's kettle was very different to ours.

It was fun exploring this old glass butter churn.

We compared our electric lights to candlelight.

Nursery Rhyme Day

We had a special Nursery Rhyme Day. We dressed up and acted out our favourite Nursery Rhymes for our parents. 


Our first day at school

We are enjoying our play based learning

We went for a walk to look for signs of autumn. It was great fun finding leaves, chestnuts and acorns.

It was fun learning how to use a magnifying glass

We used sponge prints to make our Autumn trees.

Mrs Dowey helped us to plant daffodil bulbs.