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Primary 1 – Miss Hunter and Mrs Bleakney

Welcome to Primary 1

It was fun making sunflowers out of clay
You can imagine how excited we were when the first strawberries appeared on our plant.
We had a great time at The Argory. It was fun dressing up and learning about life in the olden days.

We our learning about toys. We brought in one of our favourite toys for

"Show and Tell."

We enjoyed painting a picture of our favourite toy.
We brought in 'old' toys to show to the class.
We brought in one of our favourite toys and had a 'Toys' Party!'
We celebrated our Queen's 90th birthday by coming to school as Princes and Princesses.

We enjoyed doing our sponsored walk for M.S.

Happy Easter!

We enjoyed our Easter egg hunt!

We are learning about Spring. We went for a walk and looked at the trees and flowers. It was exciting to see how our daffodils have grown.

We made chocolate nests - it was great fun!

A Doctor Comes to Visit

We had a visit from a doctor. She told us about her job. It was very interesting. We had a go with her stethoscope. Now we will know what to do in our Hospital Play Area.

A nurse comes to visit!

A nurse came to visit us. She showed us how to put on bandages.

Our Hospital Role Play Area

Our topic is 'Ourselves.' We are learning about how we grow. A mummy brought her baby into school to visit us. We asked questions and found out lots of information. 

We painted pictures of ourselves.

World Book Day

We had a 'book swap' - it was great fun!

The P7 children read our 'new' books to us.

Mother's Day!

We used our handprints and fingerprints

to make pictures for our mummies.

We made cards for our mummies

We are learning about Winter

We went for a walk to look at the trees.

We enjoyed painting snowmen

We made snowmen from tubes

Our first day in Primary 1

We are learning about Creation. We enjoyed painting pictures of some of the wonderful things that God has made.

We are enjoying the books in our class library area.

We are learning how important it is to eat healthy snacks.

Dave came to visit us. He told us how to recycle our rubbish.

'The Amazing Journey' came to our school. We enjoyed listening to Bible Stories, dressing up and eating food from 'Bible Times'.

Autumn in P1

We are learning about Autumn. It was good fun going for a walk and looking for leaves etc. We enjoyed using our magnifying glasses to look closely at what we found.

Planting our bulbs

Mrs Dowey helped us to plant our daffodil bulbs.

We put a Hyacinth bulb in a glass jar so that we can watch it grow.

We enjoyed printing with sponges to make Autumn trees.

Our Nursery Rhyme Topic

We enjoyed learning about Humpty Dumpty. We looked at different eggs.

This big ostrich egg was our favourite!


We made our own Humpty Dumpty with a hen's egg. It was fun finding out how high we could build our wall before Humpty Dumpty broke. We know now why

"all the King's horses and all the King's men, couldn't put Humpty together again."

We couldn't do it either!!!

We enjoyed exploring Humpty Dumpty through play based learning.
It was fun making our own Humpty Dumpty at the Art and Design area.

Incy Wincy Spider was one of our favourite rhymes

It was fun looking for water spouts!
Some of us decided to paint Incy Wincy climbing up the water spout but some of us preferred to have him being washed out!
We were wondering if it was Incy Wincy Spider who frightened Miss Muffet away!
Hickory Dickory Dock was another one of our favourite rhymes.

We were very pleased with our paintings!

Our Special Nursery Rhyme Day

We came to school dressed as our favourite Nursery Rhyme characters. We acted out rhymes for our mummies and daddies. Some of our grannies and grandas came too.

We had a great time looking for Little Bo-Peep's sheep in our outdoor play area.

We enjoyed finding out about life in the 'olden days.' It was fun exploring this old

butter churn.

We made our own butter by shaking cream - it was hard work but it tasted great on pancakes!

 We are learning about the job of a postman. Our school postman came to visit us. We asked him lots of questions.

We liked the postman's red van. It was interesting having a look inside it.
We are enjoying our Post Office role play area.

Christmas is coming!

It was fun painting a picture of Rudolph.

We were very pleased with our Santa pictures.
We enjoyed making Christmas cards for our mummies and daddies.
This year our Nativity Play was called "The Stable Boy."

The Santa Trail

This year our school was chosen to participate in a Santa trail organised by Portadown College. We did lots of exciting activities including I.C.T., the Nativity, Art and Design, pass the parcel and meeting Santa who gave us a lovely present.


Our Trip To W5

We enjoyed the ride on the bus.