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Primary 3

Primary three enjoying hip-hop lessons as part of active week πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

A fun and busy day in P3...

We started our day with a walk to Moyallan Farm shop. We enjoyed working out how much our fruit cost and enjoyed our healthy snack! 

Later baby Joel came for our 8th ROE lesson. We learnt about baby food and healthy diets.

Our day finished with a special visit from Susannah; Charlotte’s precious new sister πŸ’–

A perfect, sunny day 😊

Primary Three enjoyed their trip to Lost City Golf in Belfast and pizza party for lunch πŸ• πŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈ πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Thanks to Eilidh for winning this amazing treat for our class and NI for Kids magazine for the prize!

Mrs Savage set P3 a challenge to make a 5 metre β€˜snake’ like the one recently found in Florida. We worked in groups of 6. We were given a metre stick, cellotape and lots of paper. We worked so well together. Mrs Savage was very proud!!

Look at our beautiful spring art! We are very proud of our paintings 🎨 🎨

We had a fantastic day at Tayto Castle. We saw how crisps are made. We were allowed to taste lots of crisps! That was the best bit!

P.3 have really enjoyed their recent PE lessons focusing on skipping. Their skipping skills really improved over the 6 weeks. Congratulations to our two skipping class champions! If your child doesn’t own a skipping rope maybe it’s an idea for a new toy for the Springtime 😊

Theme 6 Roots of Empathy - Safety. Mrs Orr chatted to us about the changes she makes in her home to keep Joel safe. We love seeing Joel’s new milestones and watching him grow πŸ’™

Primary 6 visited Primary 3 today to be our reading buddies. We are having a super β€˜World Book Day’! Happy reading everyone! πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š

Roots of Empathy Theme 5 - Sleep. We showed each other and baby Joel our sleep toys and shared what helps us get to sleep. We asked Mrs Orr about Joel's sleep and his favourite toys. We also sang Joel our favourite lullabies. We had yet another lovely time with baby Joel. Isn't he changing and growing?

Two new characters have arrived at Moyallon P.S. Thanks to a VERY kind parent we now have 2 life-size skeletons; one for P3 and one for KS2. We are looking forward to 'Mr Bones' helping us learn all about our skeleton. We are makng skeletons in art, reading 'Funny Bones' stories in our Literacy and learning all about our bodies in WAU lessons.

We love baby Joel coming in for Roots of Empathy...look how he's growing !! In Theme 3 of ROE we have been learning about teething, we have also been thinking about loosing our baby teeth!

P.3 loved their trip to the Ulster Museum to visit Dippy...

Primary Three enjoying their chocolate apples as a little end of half term treat!!!

We love baby Joel visiting us in P.3 In theme 2 of our ROE program we have been learning about crying. Mrs Orr told us what makes Joel cry and what she does to help him stop. We also talked about what makes us upset and what we can do to feel better. It's always best to talk about how you are feeling!

Spelling and Number Fact Sheets (November and December)

Roots of Empathy


We just loved our first Roots of Empathy family visit. It was so exciting meeting our Roots of Empathy baby and we can't wait to watch him grow and see him develop over the school year.  Keep checking for new photos!



Primary Three have had lots of fun learning about how pumpkins grow, decorating them, writing information about them and measuring them. We weighed them, measured the circumferences, height and width using standard and non-standard forms of measurement. Look at our lovely photographs and see if you can spot your pumpkin...

P.3 Pumpkin Fun...

What a fantastic start to the school year...


Our topic this half term is bears.


In Music we sang 'we're going on a bear hunt' chant. We used our voices to add 'sound effects' to the story. We then made a collage in art showing all the places the family visited in the story; grass, river, forest, mud, snow storm and cave. 


We've been learning lots about bears and writing all about them too.


We are looking forward to our 'Posh Bears Brunch' next week.


We've also been learning about 3D shapes: using nets to make paper 3D shapes, revising what we know about time and having lots of fun in outdoor play.


A great start to P.3.  WELL DONE BOYS AND GIRLS!



We had great fun creating a den for our little bear. We collected twigs, stones and berries.

We made sure that our bear had food and water and that it was also cosy.

We were pleased with the final results!