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Primary 2

Welcome to Primary 2

The "Big Water Fight" (before the photographer came under attack)

Primary 2 really enjoyed learning hip hop during active week.

Still image for this video

Our topics for this term are Minibeasts and Shape. Please scroll down to see what we have been getting up to.

Primary 4 to 7 pupils had a very difficult job judging our 3D bug contest. Thank you P2 (and helpers) for all your wonderful entries!!

We learned that butterflies have symmetrical wings.

We brought snails into school for snail races. We made silvery snail trails.

P2 have been enjoying all the topic based playstations.

We had a closer look at some worms. Then we painted pictures of them.

Easter Fun

We made Easter bunny cards.

We decorated Easter biscuits. They were delicious.

We had an Easter egg hunt.

Our topic for this term is Mouths. We will be learning about how important our mouths are for talking, chewing, tasting and showing emotion and how to look after our teeth. We have set up a dental surgery in our imaginary play corner. Please scroll down to see what we have been up to.

We put some duck eggs into different drinks to see how they would affect our teeth.

We waited patiently on the results.

The Results...

The egg in water stayed the same.

The egg in the coffee stained dark brown.

The egg in the juice decayed.

The egg in the coke stained brown and had a sugary coating over it.


What we learned....

The best drink for our teeth is water.

Too much coffee, coke and juice is not good for our teeth.


We used Ceplac tablets to show us where the plaque sticks to our teeth. We had to brush really well to get our teeth nice and clean.

Can you guess who these beautiful smiles belong to?

One of our P2 children brought in her little baby goats.

We are enjoying designing our faces on the Facepainting programe on the whiteboard.

Some of us wrote letters to the tooth fairy and made tooth fairy boxes during playtime.

We enjoyed using the P.2 vending machine. We had to pay the correct money to get a treat.

Our topic for this term is Pets. We will also be starting to learn about time and money.

We made Valentine's Day cards.

A P4 mummy is a vet. She came to talk to us about looking after animals as pets. We had lots of questions to ask her.

Celebrating Chinese New Year.

We are learning how to tell the time to o'clock and half past. We made Hickory, dickory, docks out of cereal boxes and paper plates.

We read Happy Mouseday by Dick King Smith. Then we made mouse sock puppets.

We read Cats, Cats, Cats by Joy Cowley. Then we painted our own cats.

We have set up a veterinary clinic in our imaginary play corner.

we are reading Cats, Cats, Cats by Joy Cowley. We painted cats of our own.

We are reading Happy Mouseday by Dick King Smith. We made mouse sock puppets.

Our topics for this term are opposites and Christmas. Please scroll down to see what we have been getting up to.

P2 enjoyed showing off their Christmas jumpers.

Can you recognise us in our Christmas disguise?

We are learning about young and old. We asked our grannies and grandads some questions. We read Granny's Quilt and then made a quilt of P2 memories.

We read 'The Tortoise and the Hare" and then made our own trophies.

We used story boards to retell the Tortoise and the Hare story in our words.

It was a lot of fun designing our Christmas cards!