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Primary 5 - Mr. Arnold

Primary 5 visit to W5

Primary 5 visited W5 in the Odyssey Pavilion to participate in an ICT workshop called Storyboard Animation. Pupils worked in pairs with Ipads and miniature props to produce a short animated film. Initially they planned out their work on storyboards before starting the filming process. Later pupils used a different app to add sound and graphics to their work.

Primary 5 did a great job of making their own chocolate cake. They followed the instructions well and measured out the ingredients very precisely. The end result was a delicious chocolate cake!!

Neolithic Pottery

Pupils constructed pots from modelling clay in the style of the pottery from the Neolithic era.

Our designs were inspired by our visit to the Early Ireland gallery in The Ulster Museum earlier in the term.

Here we are painting our pots a dark brown colour to give them an authentic look.

Ulster Museum visit

Primary 5 visited the Ulster Museum in Belfast to learn about life in Ireland during the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. The pupils attended a lesson entitled "From stone to metal" in one of the museum's classrooms. Here they were given the chance to closely examine genuine artefacts such as flint arrowheads and bronze axes, which had been crafted thousands of years ago.

Primary 5 were visited by two members of the N.I.F.R.S. recently to teach them about fire safety in the home and in school. After the talk each pupil was presented with an information pack and got a chance to see the fire truck close up. Thumbs up for a fun experience!

We worked really hard on making the boardgame "Checkpoint". Here are the end results.

N.I.F.R.S. visit

Primary 5 working happily on creative writing.