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Primary 4 - Mrs. Weir and Mrs Hanlon

Welcome to P.4

P4 pupils brought in various items for Show and Tell and answered questions from others in the class.

P4 went to visit Armagh Planetarium and we had a fantastic time! We enjoyed making our own rockets and launching them. Then we learnt lots of interesting facts about space and the planets in our solar system.

P4 enjoyed a measuring day!

We worked in groups to complete 5 different tasks on measuring.

  • We are learning to measure different items using a ruler.

  • We are learning to estimate what length we think an item is.

  • We are learning to work together and solve length challenges!

Task 1 - We measured different sorts of strings and ribbons. We made a chart with our results.

Task 2  - We measured carefully the sides of different shapes.

Task 3  - We looked at different items in our classroom and estimated what length we thought they were.

Task 4  - We used tape measures to measure different parts of our bodies.

Task 5  - We ordered and measured vegetables from the shortest to the longest.

We all worked really well in our groups and learned lots of new measuring skills. Well done P4! You are fantastic at measuring!

Here we are completing different practical games and activities to help us understand our fractions. We are learning to co-operate, play fairly and follow the instructions carefully. Well done P4! You are fantastic at fractions!

P4 are learning about fractions. We had great fun making pizzas to help us see halves, quarters and eighths. At the end of the lesson there wasn't a fraction of pizza left. A big thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for scrubbing our cheesy, messy trays. 

P4 all enjoyed their World War 2 Day. Please take a little look at us all dressed up. We played World War 2 parachute games, tried spam and the P5, 6 and 7 classes helped to judge our propoganda posters. At the end of the day we were very tired evacuees. We sang some W.W.2 songs and watched the last exciting episode of Spywatch.

Thank you Mums and Dads for all the lovely costumes complete with labels, gas masks and other little pieces. The children really looked the part and it helped transport them back to the 1940's. 

We enjoyed making a special hand craft for Mother's Day. Our amazing mums certainly deserve a hand! We hope the hand cream keeps their hardworking hands soft. Hands down they're the best!

P4 pupils have been sharing artefacts and stories about their family members during the World War 2. Thank you for allowing us to see these precious items and hear about their experiences. It certainly has brought our topic to life. During activity-based learning we have been making parachutes, and designing our own planes. We have dressed up as evacuees for roleplay and enjoyed setting up battles with the army toys. Welldone P.4.

P4 have been learning rules for making plural words. Here we are playing games and completing activities to help us. We had great fun!

Every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks William Clint will be taking P4 for rugby skills. We really enjoyed our first week. Can you guess what animals we are pretending to be?

P4 enjoyed wearing their jolly jazzy jumpers for our Christmas Jumper Day.

P4 followed instructions to make these delicious melting snowmen biscuits. We really enjoyed eating our snowmen on a snowy day too!

Mrs Moneypenny made her own bread. P4 decided to try and make their own wheaten bread. We followed the recipe carefully and everyone had a little job to do! Even the cooks and Mr Priestley sampled our warm, baked, delicious bread! Well do P4 - You are all star bakers!

The children have started the year by going.....UNDERCOVER!

Can you recognise your own child in their new disguise?