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Primary 2 – Mrs. Belch

Welcome to Primary 2

Our topic for this term is Minibeasts. We have set up a Bug Lab in the imaginary play corner where we can learn more about bugs. Please scroll down to see all the fun things we have been doing.

Well done to all of Primary 2 for their wonderful and imaginative entries into our 3D Bug Contest

Primary 2 had a wondeful time at their Ugly Bug Ball. They put on a special assembly for parents, decorated their own table cloth and had some yummy party food.

We went to Loughall Country Park as part of our minibeast topic. We learned more interesting facts about bugs before going into the forest for a minibeast hunt. After our lunch we got to go into the park for a play. We had a lovely day and the weather was beautiful!

This week we have been learning about snails. We listened to a story about a slug who wanted to be a snail, we searched for snails in our garden and brought them into school for a closer look and then we entered our snails into a snail race.

We made paper snails

We have had great fun making minibeasts in a variety of ways during playtime.

We are enjoying playing in the minibeast garden.

This week we have been busy learning more about worms. We looked at some worms through magnifying glasses, answered questions about them, painted pictures of them and set up a wormery.

We are finding out more about spiders. We looked up the answers to our questions on the internet and in books.

Some of us made spiders out of playdough during playtime.

We made spider webs by spinning wool around lollipop sticks.

We played a spider game. You had to roll the dice and colour in the shape according to the code at the bottom. The winner was the first person to colour all of their spider!

We learned that minibeasts like to live in trees.

On Friday Primary 2 complete our Spellings and Number Facts Test. If we get everything correct we get a sticker from Mr Priestley. When we collect 4 stickers we get a special school pencil. If we manage to get 8 stickers we get into our Special Pirates "Pieces of Eight Club". Below are photos of the members of the club so far! Congratulations!

This term we are learning all about our teeth and how to look after them. We have set up a Dental Surgery in the imaginary play corner. Please scroll down to see all the fun things we have been doing!

Mrs Jackson from the Community Dental Service came to talk to us about our teeth and how to look after them.

We looked for plaque on our teeth using Plaqsearch.

During playtime we had the chance to explore the box left in by Mrs Jackson from the Community Dental Service. We read books, practised cleaning teeth on the giant teeth, completed puzzles, did healthy food stencilling and played the Eat 5 bingo game.

We did an experiment to see what effect some drinks have on our teeth.

We learned that,,,,

We have been having fun at playtime with the Doctor Drill and Fill playdough set and making teeth related words out of playdough.

Can you guess the smile?

We are learning The Easter Story. We learned about the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on. We played Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

This term we are learning about our feelings. We used puppets to express our emotions, did some puzzles and used playdough to show how our faces change depending on how we are feeling.

As part of our money topic we played money dominoes, bingo and did coin rubbing and stamping.

We are learning how to make 10p using 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.

This term we will be learning about Pets and how to look after them. We have set up our own vets in the classroom. Please scroll down to see all the fun things we have been doing and learning.

During playtime we have been making animal homes and pets out of junk art, building animal homes with lego, drawing pet related pictures on the interactive whiteboard and making pets and pet food out of playdough.

This week we are learning about birds as pets. One of the children brought her pet bird Squawker in to visit us for the day.

This week we have been learning about dogs. We learned all about Grey Friar's Bobby and what a faithful dog he was. One of our mummy's brought Ozzy the dog in to visit. We asked her questions about how to look after him.

Getting ready for our P2 assembly - The Lost Mouse.

This week we are learning about fish as pets. One of our P2 girls brought her goldfish in for us to look after for the week. Her mummy came in on Friday and told us some fishy facts, read us a story and gave us stickers and yummy sweets.

This week we are learning about cats and what you need to look after them. One of our mummys brought Ash the cat in to visit and we asked her some questions.

We painted pictures of cats

This week we have been learning about rodents as pets. We read a story called Happy Mouseday and Angela brought Ben the hamster in to class. We asked questions about how to look after him. He was a very friendly hamster!

Primary 2 visited the Palace Stables in Armagh, where they learned about what Christmas was like 200 years ago. They met a cook, an american soildier and then made a christmas decoration before having a visit with Santa.

Santa's Workshop.

Santa Claus and his elves have been working hard getting the presents ready for Christmas Eve.

Painting Autumn trees

We poured water into ice cube trays and placed a handle in each one. We played ice cube Curling. It was great fun!

Two people from the council came to talk to us about waste and recycling. They talked about the different coloured bins and why it is so imporatant to recycle. They showed us some stationery that had been made using recycled material. We all got a pencil made from recycled CD cases before they left.

We did bubble painting....

....and had a lovely bubbly time in the playground!

We came to school dressed as pirates. We put on a special assembly for our parents and afterwards had a party with lots of yummy food.

Our topic for this term is Water. Have a look at all the things we have been learning.

We found out that flowers do drink water. The petals of the flowers with the food colouring started to change colour while the flowers with no water started to wilt.

We wanted to know if flowers drink water.

We filled some bottles with water.

We poured in some food colouring.

We placed a whiter flower into each bottle and placed them on the windowsill.

We left one bottle without water

Rainbow experiment

We thought about how we could make a rainbow on the ceiling.

We got some water in a tray, a mirror and a torch.

We put the mirror into the water and shone the torch onto it.

We learned that a rainbow happens when light from the sun shines through water.

We walked around school to see where rain water goes. We saw the slopy roof, the gutters and the drainpipes.

We painted patterns the colours of the rainbow and cut them into umbrellas

Ahoy there matey!

We can write and print our names on the computer