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Primary 4 - Mrs. Bleakney and Mrs. Weir

Welcome to Primary 4

The P4 Green and White Army

Last Friday P4 were learning all about Capacity. We ordered containers from the largest to the smallest. We measured different amounts of water making sure we read the measuring jug at eye level. We played a capacity game on the computer and a capacity card game. Lastly we estimated how much we thought a container would hold. We had great fun revealing the true amount! Well done P4 for all your great work learning about capacity!

P4 thoroughly enjoyed a very healthy trip to Tesco.

They learned about healthy eating and got to make their own individual muesli - choosing ingredients and adding cinnamon.

Then they got to eat it and the response was "delicious"!

We also got to go into the huge fridge and freezer - we didn't hang about in the freezer too long as it was -17.4 degrees!


In May, P4 visited Armagh Planetarium, a trip that links in with our topic of Space. We enjoyed the amazing theatre, learning so many interesting facts about Space and finishing with a virtual space roller coaster ride!

We built our own rockets and then got to launch them - one disappeared completely so we think it must be on it's way to the moon! 




P4 enjoyed a measuring day!

We worked in groups to complete 6 different tasks on measuring.

Task 1 - We measured different sorts of strings and ribbons. We made a chart with our results.


Task 2 - We measured carefully the sides of different shapes.


Task 3 - We looked at different items in our classroom and estimated what length we thought they were.


Task 4 - We used tape measures to measure different parts of our bodies.


Task 5 - We played two measuring games on the computer.


Task 6 - We ordered and measured vegetables from the shortest to the longest.


We all worked really well in our groups and learned lots of new measuring skills! Well done P4! You are fantastic at measuring.


P4 have enjoyed studying the novel, Flat Stanley. At the end of the book the Lambchop family celebrated Stanley becoming normal again with a cup of hot chocolate. P4 decided to do the same! We wrote careful, detailed instructions for making hot chocolate. Next we followed our instructions to make delicious cups of hot chocolate complete with fluffy marshmallows, squirty cream and a chocolate biscuit. 

Evacuee Day

Primary 4 really enjoyed coming to school dressed as World War II evacuees. They put on a special assembly for the whole school where they sang World War II songs and did marching drills. Everyone got to taste Spam and bake an egg free cake. Delicious!

Here is the winner of our P4 Draughts competition!

Here are the finalists of our P4 Draughts competition.

P4 Big Bun Sale

P4 held their annual Big Bun Sale and we had great fun making the buns, designing posters and of course selling the buns to the rest of the school. We are delighted to announce that we raised the wonderful amount of £178.13 for the charities we have chosen this year.

An enormous thank you to everyone who baked and sent buns and to all our generous customers.

The charities that P4 have voted for are:

Dogs Trust

Educate the Orphans

Cancer Research U.K

Guide Dogs

Tiny Life

Help for Heroes

Spud Bear Appeal

Cats Protection


P4 have been very busy learning all about the Arctic and Polar Bears. During activity based learning we have investigated ice, made models using clay and paper, played polar games and designed Polar Bear dens.

Trip to Portadown Library

On Wednesday 14th October Primary 4, along with Mrs Bleakney and Mrs Hume enjoyed a very interesting trip to Portadown Library.

They learned all about the facilities the library has and how the library is organised.

They really enjoyed browsing the vast range of books and used the new self-service scanners to borrow the books they had selected.

Moneypenny's Lock

P4 set off on their annual trip along the tow path to Moneypenny's Lock.

They identified trees and berries along the way while enjoying the beautiful autumnal landscape.

They watched a demonstration by Johny the Blacksmith and 2 lucky girls got to help him hammer the iron into a beautiful metal snail.

The boys and girls discovered some of the history of Newry Canal and what life had been like for the Moneypenny family.

P4 have been learning all about Roald Dahl. Here are just some of the activities

we have enjoyed doing.

We folded paper in a very clever way to make Origami Foxes.




During activity-based learning we dressed up as characters from Roald Dahl's books. Can you guess what character we are?

We are enjoying making our very own enormous crocodile.




Roald Dahl used to cut pictures of mouths, eyes and noses to give him ideas for new characters. We are cutting out different features to make our characters.



This game is called Roald Dahl's Brainbox. We are challenged to look at the card and then answer questions about what we can remember about the picture.




We designed our own sweets and printed out what ingredients they contained!



We are making giant sweets. We wish we could eat them!