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The link above is for a fun spelling game that we would usually play in school.

  • Copy the code (You will find this under each spelling group below - each group has a different code)
  • Click on the link
  • Scroll down to find "Attack of the Spellerz"
  • Click on Custom Invasion
  • Paste or type in the code
  • Have fun

Group 5


be    them    me    run    see    name    have    then    one    ran


(Spellerz code CEM864)


Group 4


a    an    dad    play    ten    him    dog    toy    well    mummy


(Spellerz code JFT354)


Group 3


                        at    can    his    home    we    got    fun    boy    had    red


(Spellerz code UAU735)


Group 2


I    he    big    hat    mum    go    man    book    it    my


(Spellerz code EPE929)



Group 1 

the        up      is      into      on      cat      bus      in      and      she


(Spellerz code FHX694)