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Primary 3 - Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. Best

Welcome to Primary 3

African Projects

This is Charlotte's lamb. Robert the lamb is 3 weeks old and loves to drink milk out of a bottle. P3 children enjoyed patting him.

We dressed up to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. We had a Royal Quiz, an outdoor lunch and lots of fun!

Primary 3 Tayto Visit

Here we are! We are wearing protective hats and aprons.


Mr Tayto came to see us at the start of our trip.
Some facts about Tayto.

Tayto Photos

Activity Based Learning - March 2016

In our Activity Based Learning sessions we've

  • Designed and made a model of St Patrick
  • Created an Easter decoration
  • Used a cash register and money to buy items at the shop
  • Played Jack and the Beanstalk games
  • Created castles
  • Thought about what helps and hurts a tiny seed.

Primary 3 Activity Based Learning - January 2016

Creating an Antarctic Scene - can you spot the penguin 'huddle'?

Sewing with Mrs Shepherd - very relaxing!

Pasta skeletons

Penguin Crafts

Polar Adventure Venn Diagrams

Penguin Life Cycle

We wrote some penguin facts

Happy Foot, Happy Feet and The Chick - our three P3 Penguins

Primary 3 visited the Palace Stables, where they learned about Christmas 200 years ago and got to make a Christmas decoration before having a visit with Santa.

Christmas Jumper Day

This week we have been learning about Pumpkins. Do you like our Pumpkin Faces?

We studied the Lifecycle of a Pumpkin

We guessed the height of our pumpkins. Then we measured them using cubes.

Autumn in P3.

Primary 3 work on their Bear Topic.


The Posh Bear's Brunch


We created posh clothes for our bears to wear.



After designing menus, making shopping lists and sending Mrs Andrews to Tesco, it was time to get ready for the Brunch. First we had to make sure our hands were clean.



We learnt to spread butter by using the side of the knife.




Ham was a popular filling!


     was jam!




Now for the tricky bit - cutting the sandwich into quarters (lots of maths here).




The rain and the wasps stayed away. We brought our sandwiches outside and enjoyed them. Mrs Andrews made us

eat our crusts!



Bear songs with Mrs Andrews.




One of the children brought some honey for us to sample. Bears love honey!





We made little bears from moulding material with Mrs Best. We learnt how the heat of our hands helped change the shape of the moulding material (science).




Then we created a den for our bear. We had to think about what it would need...

...water?           ...somewhere to play?          ...somewhere to sleep?

We raided our gardens!

Here are some of the finished dens.

Can you spot the bear?


Bear Maths

We put the bears in order of their heights


We've loved learning all about bears!