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Primary 2 – Mrs. Belch

Welcome to P2

Our topic for this term is "Minibeasts". We have set up a bug lab where we can learn more about minibeasts. Please scroll down to see what we have been up to.

Our Ugly Bug Ball

Primary Two Minibeast Challenge

We had to....

.....dress the Beebot as a minibeast and make it move

.....paint a picture of our favourite minibeast on the interactive whiteboard and print it

.....type a sentence about a minibeast on the computer and print it.

Well done Primary 2. You all did a great job!


Well done Primary Two (and adults) for your wonderful, creative and imaginative 3D bug entries. They are all fabulous!

Primary 2 enjoying some of our activity-based play areas.

Butterfly week

We learned some new interesting facts about caterpillars and butterflies.

We painted symmetrical butterflies.

We labelled a picture of a butterfly.

We had great fun catching butterflies with the Elefun game.

We got some caterpillars and watched as they got bigger and bigger and eventually turned into cocoons.

We waited patiently for our butterflies to emerge.

Finally 3 beautiful butterflies appeared and we released them into the wild.

We had a fantastic time at Loughgall Country Park. We learned some interesting facts about minibeasts before venturing into the forest for a minibeast safari. The weather stayed dry despite the forecast and to end the day we had a picnic followed by a play in the park.

Primary 2 are having great fun outside in the beautiful weather.

Snail Week

We made snail trails on black paper and learned some interesting facts about snails.

We listened to a story about a snail with a funny shell and came up with and designed our own snail shells.

We made paper snails and gave them a glittery trail.


The Big Race

The Winners

Worm Week

We took a closer look at worms, learned some interesting facts, and painted pictures of worms. We listened to the story Superworm and then designed our own.


Spider week

We caught spider webs on black paper using hairspray.

Some of us painted pictures of spiders and made spiders out of pom poms during playtime.

We talked about our worries and then made Worry Webs.

We played a spider game.

Our topic for this term is 'Mouths'. We will be learning about how important our mouths are for talking, eating and showing emotion and how to look after our teeth. We have set up a Dental Surgery in our imaginary play corner. Please scroll down to see what we have been up to.

We used Ceplac tablets to help us see where all the plaque was on our teeth.

It made our mouths turn red.

We had to brush our teeth really well to get rid of all the plaque.

We did an experiment to see how some drinks affect our teeth.

We pretended the duck eggs were teeth.

We put the 1st egg in water.

We put the 2nd egg in coffee.

We put the 3rd egg in milk.

We put the 4th egg in coke.


Here are the results.

  • The egg in the water stayed white. Water will not stain your teeth.

  • The egg in the coffee turned brown. Coffee stains your teeth.

  • The egg in the milk stayed white. Milk will not stain your teeth.

  • The egg in the coke went brown. Coke stains your teeth.




During playtime we had the chance to explore the box left in by Mrs Jackson from the Community Dental Service. We read books, practised cleaning teeth on the giant teeth, completed puzzles, did healthy food stencilling and played the Eat 5 bingo game.

One of our P2 mummies is a dentist. She came to talk to us about her job.

Mrs Jackson from the Community Dental Service came to talk to us about how to look after our teeth.

Primary 2 have been enjoying all the activity based play stations.

Scrubbing the teeth nice and clean in the Water Area.

Playing Crocodile Dentist

Playing "Dentist" in the Small World Area.

Making little tooth boxes.

Designing our own faces on the computer.

Making tooth related words out of playdough.

Can you guess the smile?

Bird watching

As our bird watching day was also Valentine's Day, Primary 2 thought it would be nice to make heart shaped bird feeders to hang on our trees and fences outside. We then sat down with our binoculars to see what birds can be spotted around our school. We had to be really quiet and managed to see a nice variety of birds.  When we came back in we made love birds to bring home for mummy and daddy.


P2 have enjoyed learning how to count money up to 10p.

Chris from the I.F.A comes to teach us football on Friday afternoons.

This term we will be learning about Pets and how to look after them. We have set up our own vets in the classroom. Please scroll down to see all the fun things we have been doing and learning.

Taz the pony came to visit us in school. We learned lots about how to look after ponies.

One of our P2 mummies is a vet. She came to talk to us about her job.

Small animals week

We read the story 'Happy Mouseday', coloured and cut out mice and designed our own 'Mice and how to keep them' booklets from the story.

Nugget came to visit

Dog Week

Toby came to visit.

We had fun with the playdough, making dog masks and hearing the story of Grey Friar's Bobby

Cat Week

Hugo came to visit