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Please note that the COVID-19 School Restart Information Booklet has been superseded by the School Restart Update Aug 2020 document. 
*A mistake has been identified on the 'Groupings' page of this document. Text confirmation of groupings will be sent on Thursday as this is important for carpark management.

School Restart Weekly Updates

Letter from the Chief Medical Officer to Parents and Carers



My child has a sore throat. Can they still come to school?


Your child should only attend school if they are well enough to do so. In most cases, a sore throat will not prohibit a child from attending school. Parents must be minded that should their child develop other symptoms (COVID-19 or other) they will be sent home for the health and well-being of themselves and others.


One of my children has a new cough. Can their siblings come to school?


In the case of a new cough, we would consider this a symptom of COVID-19. In this case, all members of the household should not attend school. Up to date guidance from the PHA will be sought and communicated through the school office regarding isolation requirements.


My child has received a negative test result for COVID-19. When can they return to school?


Current guidance indicates that a child can return to school 48hrs from the point of testing provided that the test result was negative and they have not had a fever within the 48hrs.


Can I send a birthday cake to school for my child's class?


We must ask that parents do not send birthday cakes or buns to school at this time.