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June Update

Dear Parents,


As the official end of this school year approaches, many questions remain outstanding or unknown. This uncertainty is something we have grown accustomed to since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic however at Moyallon PS, we will do our very best to keep you informed of school developments as decisions are made by the Department of Education and Education Authority.


Since the closure, Moyallon PS has been open for Key Workers’ children and will continue to provide childcare on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 30th June. Remote learning using Seesaw has become an integral part of the pupils’ education and will also continue until the end of June. Please expect a natural decline in the workload as we approach the end of the year. There will be no obligation to post work back to the teachers in the last few weeks. Please also note that Seesaw will be suspended over the summer months.


The effort put into the remote learning activities has been simply outstanding. Since starting Seesaw, the staff have been uplifted by the daily flow of posts to the workstream. We have missed the pupils dearly and are already looking forward to the day when we’ll all be back at school. The staff would also like me to express their huge thanks and congratulations to every one of the parents for the sterling work they have done in supporting the remote learning. We know that without you, it would not have been such a success. Your hard work is noticed, the challenges have been recognised and we all feel you have all done a fantastic job.


Thank you to everyone from our school community for your support, patience and understanding at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and we wish you safety, health and happiness. 


Yours sincerely,


Mr Davidson




In the last few weeks, parents have made contact with us to ask really important questions. Below I have included the questions with the most up to date answers possible. Please understand that some answers will change as new advice is issued.


Will the school be open for childcare in the summer months (July and August)?


Our school has remained open for childcare provision throughout the pandemic including the Easter holidays. The school now needs to have a complete shutdown to allow preparation work for the new school year to take place and also to allow staff to take their annual leave. 


What is happening in September (i.e. restarting school)?


School restart preparations are being led by a dedicated ‘Restart Team’ setup up by DENI and EA. Planning for September is underway at Moyallon PS but will not be shared with parents until we receive final direction from DENI and EA. This is to avoid retracting any commitments made by sharing information prematurely. We hope to be able to share the necessary information with all existing and new parents in late June.


Is the uniform changing for next year?


The uniform will remain as follows:

  • Black shoes (Please do not buy boots for boys or girls)
  • Knee-high white socks (girls)
  • Grey/black socks (boys)
  • Grey trousers (boys) – green skirt/pinafore (girls)
  • White polo shirt OR white long-sleeve shirt with a tie (P1 pupils will be given their tie)
  • Moyallon sweatshirt with logo (to be worn with the polo shirt)
  • Small hair bands and bobbles are permitted but must be plain Moyallon green



We would advise caution with ordering uniform. With uncertainty surrounding the amount of time pupils will spend in school when they restart, there may not be a need for as many items as in previous years.


We foresee PE taking place outdoors only. Full PE kit will not be needed for the start of the year however a pair of trainers (not plimsoles) will be required.


Will I get a refund for trips/swimming/music?


Yes. We are working hard to facilitate this and you will be notified when you can come to collect a cheque from the school office. 


P6/P7 Trip – refunds will be given to P7 pupils. P6 pupils are having their booking moved to next year.


Music – The EA Music Service contacted school today. They stated:


Please be advised that our first priority, when it is safe to return to operational status, will be to issue refunds to schools and parents for any shortfall of Music Service delivery for the academic year 2019 -20. 


Please make contact with the school if you feel you are due a refund for any reason.


Will the pupils get a school report for this year?


Yes. School reports are currently being written by the teachers. The reports have been changed to account for the impact of the school closures and comments will reflect on your child’s progress up to March 2020. They will not take account of work completed on Seesaw. Reports can be collected from school on Friday 26th of June.


Collection Rota


9:30 -10:00am














Along with the report, you will receive up-to-date information about the possible arrangements for September.


What school supplies can be bought in preparation for September?


We are planning to restart school with the following measures in place:

  • Pupils will not bring a school bag or any school supplies to school. A coat, water-bottle and a lunch box (please note that no guidance has been given from EA regarding school dinner provision at this point) will be the only permitted items.
  • All stationary required for school will be bought on the pupil’s behalf. We will be asking parents to cover the cost of this. The final cost is yet to be calculated but we estimate it to be between £8-£10.
  • Pupils will require a pair of trainers (not plimsoles) that can be kept in school. Please ensure that these are named. If your child cannot tie their own laces, please provide trainers with Velcro fastenings.


Our aim is to limit the number of items that transfer between home and school therefore reducing the need for cleaning or quarantine measures.


If you have any further queries, please check the school website under Latest News (Parents tab).