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Seesaw for Parents


Preparation and Setup

  • Seesaw will be used to communicate with the pupils while they are not at school. Teachers will use the app/website to direct children to physical materials contained in packs or post work on the digital classroom as appropriate.
  • Parental consent is an essential prerequisite to gaining access to Seesaw. Please click on the link and complete the parental consent form.


  • Login details will be provided ONLY to those who have completed the parental consent form.
  • You can download the Seesaw class app from your device’s app store or you can access the online class using your web browser. To gain access via a web browser (e.g. Google Chrome), visit
  • You will receive a step by step setup guide along with your child’s login details which will help you with the initial setup.


Using Seesaw

  • Guidance on schoolwork will be posted weekly by the teachers.
  • As your child’s class starts using Seesaw, the work stemming from this will be limited to allow everyone some time to learn how to use Seesaw.
  • DON’T worry if it all goes wrong, won’t load, or you don’t know how to do something. There will be no pressure from school to complete anything – do what you can.
  • Feel free to try things and explore using the app.
  • Parents/family members should continue to support their child with the completion of work and mark it if required.
  • Some Seesaw tasks will give the option to upload evidence of your child’s work. This is entirely optional. Many tasks will be offline activities that can be completed in a physical workbook.